Upgrade Solutions - Mislabeled RAM as PC3200 when it was PC2700

Englewood, Colorado 0 comments

I purchased some PC3200 RAM from this company. When I received it I found that they had put a *Quality Control Sticker* over the top of the manufacturers sticker. A closer inspection revealed that they had actually sent me PC2700.

I tried to call them on a Friday (around 1pm PST) and they did not answer their phone. Since they are not open on Saturday or Sunday I re-called on Monday and spoke with a female who assured me I would get a full refund.

I was refunded the same day they received the package.

It appeared to me that the mis-labeling was deliberate, though I have no actual proof besides their label being placed to conceal the manufacturers sticker.

Review about: Mislabeled Ram.

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